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About Us

How did we find ourselves here? Couple thousand of the most active and interested followers on social media, a family-like culture on a mass scale, a level of appreciation and respect amongst the community like no other?

At a fast food chain of course!

On a Tuesday night to be precise. Alex & Max used to send out the message and people started showing up, one week, the next, and the next. Within a couple months we had hundreds of cars, people, friends, turning up.

So the next natural step was to collaborate with a local business; enter, Chris.

Next thing you know we had people sharing our little Facebook events we'd never met, brands reaching out to us to be a part of what we'd created and the caliber and variety of cars at the events improved and grew with each passing month.

Now we're here. Out of practice with the goings on of the world but still ready and willing to give our personal bests to bring you, our little family, the biggest most awesome, action packed exhibition of automotive entertainment you can have in a showground in one night! Dyno running all night! Trade stalls and vendors ready and willing to show you all whats new and upcoming in the market, and of course food trucks galore, with a flavour for everyone. We put our hearts into what we do at Bad Ideas, so we hope you get a little feel for that when you follow us, or visit us!

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