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Meet The Fellas

We've been doing this for a little while now so the least we could do is say Hi!

A couple of introductions are in need for those that are new to the party.  

Chris (tall on the left, looks like the Dad with his two toddlers) is a car enthusiast from way back. Chris is a man of many talents, but being fast, loud and doing it in the rowdiest manner possible are definitely high on that list.

Alex (pictured center, can probably out-Slav squat you) definitely has the finer taste out of the 3 amigos. Leather interiors, and fancy buttons kind of thing. King of the automatics but the two he own right now kind of boogie so who am I to judge.

Max (pictured right, closely resembles human mcnugget) is the lost cause of the 3. From spending too much and clocking up years of jackstand time, to not spending enough and almost dying while having the time of his life, we party different round this part of the hood. 

This is us, 3 mates from Brisbane who like burnouts, beers and big turbos. Just trying to bring you all a bit of fun the best way we know how. 

The B Team <3

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